Michael Vaughan OBE

Michael Vaughan assured his place in cricket

history with England’s historic Ashes victory

in 2005 and has gone on to become one of

sport’s most respected commentators.

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Daily Telegraph: Cricket has to grab new fans

This new Twenty20 league is a risk but sometimes you have to gamble to grow a sport. For too long cricket in England has lived a safe environment where nothing ever changes. It is why we are a decade behind some other countries. Australia, India, Pakistan and the... read more

Daily Telegraph: Players will focus on Twenty20

I was at Yorkshire training on Monday and the talk of nets was not Ben Stokes earning £1.7m in the IPL but Tymal Mills. It was all tongue in cheek but the players were saying ‘do we just focus on T20 now’ after hearing Mills had landed a £1.4m IPL contract. A good... read more

Daily Telegraph: Joe Root Will Think Outside The Box

A captain needs the respect of his players for the way he has played, how he has reacted to pressure in the past and his attitude to the game. Dealing with pressure and deflecting it away from the players is one of the captain’s main roles. Over the last two or three... read more

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