Michael Vaughan OBE

Michael Vaughan assured his place in cricket

history with England’s historic Ashes victory

in 2005 and has gone on to become one of

sport’s most respected commentators.

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Daily Telegraph: Joe Root Will Think Outside The Box

A captain needs the respect of his players for the way he has played, how he has reacted to pressure in the past and his attitude to the game. Dealing with pressure and deflecting it away from the players is one of the captain’s main roles. Over the last two or three... read more

Daily Telegraph: Cook has to be sure on future

Alastair Cook has to be 150 per cent certain he wants to carry on as England captain if he decides to continue after this series. He has to sit down and ask himself is he the man to energise this England side for seven Test matches in the summer and win the Ashes down... read more

Daily Telegraph: England at a crossroads

This England Test team is at a crossroads and Andrew Strauss has some tough decisions to make about how it will develop in the future. Do England go straight on and keep everything the same or do they take a new direction? They have the potential to be better than any... read more

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