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No Contests

Having just watched Australia easily overcome Pakistan in the end, we have now had three walkover quarter-finals, which is most disappointing.

Let’s hope the last quarter-final can really light up the latter stages of this competition although I do fear for the West Indies who will need an inspired Chris Gayle to really test New Zealand.

It has been a strange World Cup in many ways as there haven’t been an awful lot of close matches. The games don’t seem to have ebbed and flowed with one team and then the other in the ascendency as has often happened in the past.

It seems over the last few weeks that if a team gets on a roll it’s incredibly hard for them to be knocked off it. Similarly if a team hits a slump it is really hard to arrest it.

There have been moments with both bat and ball that have been unforgettable from individuals and yet the contests as a whole haven’t really brought us too much to remember so far.

If it goes to form then surely the two semi-finals and final will be classics. I can see the two hosts fighting out the final where I think Australia will just be too strong for New Zealand.

If that game materialises I can’t see Australia batting as badly again as they did in the group match and, as most teams are finding, their firepower when bowling seems to be too hot to handle.

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